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I awakened from 50 years of certainty that evil does not exist to become a woman battling with Satan, and all that labour under him, and using the power of God Almighty, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit to defend myself, my home and family.  It was a very big change in my understanding of our physical and spiritual existence.  I had always understood and embraced the existence of the loving God, but I had never accepted that Satan affected us..

My awakening into the concept of Satan and evil was accompanied by knowledge of claiming victory through Jesus Christ, over Satan and all that labour under him.  Jesus healed the sick and when we do what Jesus taught us to do, the sick are still healed by Jesus.  Jesus cast out demons (deliverance) as well as healed the sick, and preached the gospel of eternal life; in addition to that he told us to go out and do the same among the people. Before the imminent death of Jesus he sent out people to do this work and they were to pray to him and he would pray to the Father in Heaven that their prayers would be answered.  Before his death he said that they could pray to the Father directly and that he, Jesus, would answer their prayers.   

The healing and deliverance ministry goes together.  Now that I have accepted the deliverance ministry of Jesus as part of the healing ministry, I find that the healing ministry works more effectively.

In this revised and extended edition of Health in Body and Soul, Chapter 1 give insight into the healing and deliverance ministry of Jesus Christ.  Chapters 2-5 & 8 are for the new seekers of God and also contain information for an understanding of healing and deliverance through Jesus Christ. Chapters 6, 7 & 9-14 contain my experience and time of trial as I found out about Satan and his followers. Chapter 15 contains more notes on healing and deliverance and also additional specific healing prayer requests. Chapter 16 contains instructions for personal confession between yourself and God or Jesus.  The next three chapters are in-depth information on the deliverance and prayers for healing of particular illnesses. Chapter 17 Cancer; Chapter 18 AIDS; Chapter 19 Pain. And chapter 20 is about dealing with curses.

My hope is that after reading this book you put aside fear of action against Satan and all that labour under him.  That you arm yourself with the Armour of God in righteousness and love of God; and that you accept the redemption gift of Jesus Christ.  Most of all I pray that you are healthier and live in the promises of God. Also, if you are moved to do so, that you do your part in the Healing and Deliverance Ministry of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The Bible references are from the King James version of the Bible

I want to thank my family and friends who have supported me, and also thank Andrew Wise, who is the webmaster of the web-site and has produced excellent results even when the devil opposed him.  I am lucky to have him and his wife Melany as my friends.

                            Health in Body & Soul
                            Cheryl Shepherd
                            Lanark, Ontario

Table of Contents


Chapter 1     The Healing Ministry
                     The Healing Ministry comprises of:
                     Request prayer
                     Armour of God
                     Declaration of intent
                     Bind Satan
                     Casting out demons command (Deliverance)
                     Casting out demons command (Deliverance)
                     List of body systems
                     Example of the command to cast out demons from
                     Longer deliverance command
                          Healing prayer works best if it is specific
                          God answers fervent requests
                          Remember how big God is
                          Expect to receive an answer
                          I use the word LET in my prayers
                          If possible place hand near the afflicted part
                          The name of Jesus Christ the Son of God
                          Healing Prayer
                     Examples of specific healing requests
                          Muscle pain
                          Back (bone) pain
                          Nerve pain
                          Lower Back pain
                          Difference in leg length
                          Pelvis twist
                          Lower back pain
                          Broken bones
                          Parkinson's disease
                          A virulent virus
                          Muscular Dystrophy
                          Chapter 15 has more specific healing requests
                     Healing prayer continued
                     Healing prayer to erase back ache
                    Armour of God on Recipient
                    Waiting for God
                    Tell the recipient what to do to stay healed
                    Thank God for the Healing
                    Faith. Yes it is very important
                    Watch your own body
                    When you pray for yourself
                    Command to remove generational Demons
                    from the body for all time
                    Cleansing of the body and house of demons
                    Command to direct demons who leave the dieing
                    Command to remove demons of toothache and
                    nerve pain.

Chapter 2     Jesus Christ, the Son of God
                    Jesus steps out in faith
                    Jesus is tempted by the devil
                    The devil tempted Jesus the second time
                    Jesus is tempted by the devil a third time
                    The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
                    Heal the broken-hearted
                    Preach deliverance to the captives
                    Recovery of sight to the blind
                    Set at liberty those who are bruised
                    To preach the acceptable year of the Lord
                    The secret of Eternal Life
                    The power of Christianity
                    Miracles of Jesus from God
                    Jesus Christ the Son of God

Chapter 3     Prayer
                    Jesus and relationship between God and mankind
                    Ecclesiastes, God love everyone the same
                    Satan fights us to weaken us
                    What God demands of us
                    Job was a man who knew God
                    Jesus paraphrases the Ten Commandments
                    God expects us to use our free will
                    King David knew how to pray
                    Sandwich prayer between gratitude and praise
                    Prayer and Health
                    When we pray we need
                    The usefulness of the Church
                    Prayer reminder
                    The Lord's Prayer
                    How often might we pray
                    Prayer for healing

Chapter 4     Redemption
                         God Almighty
                         God is our righteousness
                         God who sanctifies and makes us holy
                         God who provides
                         God who is there
                         God is our peace
                         God is our victory and banner
                         God is our healer
                    Entrance into heaven
                    Follow Jesus brings people to eternal life
                    The way of righteousness is life
                    Salient features of redemption
                    The Armour of God
                    Bind Satan
                    Method 1 - Prayer of confession
                    Command to cast out evil spirits
                    Important a prayer of thanks
                    Method 2 - Prayer of Bartemaeus

Chapter 5     Forgiving

Chapter 6     Come Holy Spirit Come

Chapter 7     The Journey

Chapter 8     We will win the war against evil
                    Our physical and spiritual action in deliverance

Chapter 9     The Light of God shines in my life

Chapter 10    Ghosts and Demons
                     Easter 1999

Chapter 11    Defense and Combat
                     The Attack - May, 1999
                     The Dove
                     Stupid Request
                     Friday night journal entry
                     July 16th 1999

Chapter 12    The Attack
                     My Journal again
                     Ague - Creeping Cold Nov-Dec 1999
                     Early April 2000
                     May 5th 2000
                     April/May, 2000

Chapter 13    Personal Attacks
                     May 15th 2000
                     May 16th 2000
                     Lumps and bumps1
                     August 28th 2000
                     Diary entries
                     Thou shalt have no other God before me

Chapter 14    Ghosts and Wraiths
                     September/October 2001

Chapter 15    Experience Counts
                     Bind Satan
                     Armour of God
                     The deceiver
                     Free will
                     Prayer hints for healing prayers
                     Prayers (The Lord's Prayer)
                     Auto-immune system problems
                     Brain Tumour
                     Brain problems
                     Diverticulitis or Colitis
                     Kidney stones
                     Mood imbalance
                     Multiple Sclerosis

Chapter 16    Prepare ye the way of the Lord
                     The Ten Commandments
                     Salient features of redemption
                     The Armour of God
                     Bind Satan
                     Method 1 - Prayer of Confession
                     Cast out evil spirits associated with sin
                     Important - A prayer of thanks
                     Method 2 - Prayer of Bartemaeus
                     Talk to God and repeat the Affirmation

Chapter 17    Cancer
                     Healing through Jesus Christ
                     Armour of God
                     Preparation prayer
                     Bind Satan
                     First deliverance command
                     Second deliverance command
                     If you need a miracle talk to God about it
                     The point you have been working towards
                     Prayer request to heal Cancer
                     Say a prayer before treatment
                     Whole day grace (This does not work)
                     Group grace (This works)
                     Individual grace (This works)

Chapter 18    AIDS
                     AIDS is stubborn
                     Healing through Jesus Christ
                     Put on the armour of God
                     Preparation prayer
                     Bind Satan
                     First deliverance command (AIDS)
                     Second deliverance command
                     If you need a miracle talk to God
                     Point you have been working towards
                     Prayer request to heal AIDS
                     Prayer before treatment
                     For whole day (This does not work.)
                     Group grace (This works)
                     Individual grace (This works)

Chapter 19    Pain
                     Deliverance from pain
                     The Armour of God
                     Preparation prayer
                     Bind Satan
                     First deliverance command
                     Second deliverance command
                     If you need a miracle talk to God
                     Point you have been working towards
                     Prayer request to heal pain
                     Prayer before treatment
                     Whole day grace (Does not work)
                     Group grace (This works)
                     Individual grace (This works)

Chapter 20    Dealing with curses
                     Deliverance command
                     Prayer to God Almighty

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