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Ghosts & Wraiths

September/October 2001

I went on holiday to visit my best friend while I was writing this book.  I stayed in a cabin by a lake in beautiful Ontario.  One day I went to town and enjoyed myself shopping.  What got my attention was that the population of native Americans seemed to be very depressed.  That is the only way I can describe it.  There were some Native Americans that were exactly like other Canadians, I suppose they were shopping like us, indicating that they have money, But most were depressed.

I can remember shopping in a seaside town in England and I was in the line up at the butcher's shop. I had a lot of guests in my house so my meat order was large.  I did not really take much notice what other people were buying, but their meat orders were moderate to small.  The butcher noticed me in the line up and singled me out to come forward and give my order.  I was quite happy to wait for my turn in the line and I told him so, but he insisted.  When I had worked it out, and given my order, it took quite a while for him to prepare it, so I turned to apologize to the rest of the line up.  (The butcher had mentioned that they were mostly people on holiday at the caravan site.)  It was strange but they looked like they wanted to be swallowed up by the wall behind them.  When I thought about it, lots of people had brought only half a pound of sausages and left, so I presume my affluence at that time had depressed these people; it was very confusing.

I mean to say that when I looked at the native Americans most of them wanted to melt into the background.  They were like shadow people in a world dominated by people with money to spend.  My empathy was with these people.

I came home to write and in the afternoon I became sleepy.  I lay down to rest and as I closed my eyes I saw the face of this North American Indian hovering straight in front of my face.  Unfortunately, my response was "Oh an Indian. How can I help you?  How can I help your people?" I don't know what I expected, probably a civilized conversation WITH A GHOST, but instead its face disappeared into me.  Obviously that was not what I wanted and I cast it out.

This North American Indian was not a demon; he was a ghost. He was probably afflicted himself by demons so we might properly call him a poltergeist. If this ghost had been simply a demon or fallen angel he would have been more cunning and I suspect he would have talked to me and set up a relationship to deceive me in whatever way he could.  There was no message from this ghost.  He did not want to tell his people anything. He simply wanted control of my body.  He was behaving like other restless ghosts. (I did notice that the appearance of this ghost was geared towards my heightened empathy towards the North American Indian nations.  He was impeccably dressed to look like a North American Indian, but a normal Indian ghost would not have any interest in me, I am not of his people.)

The ghost left my body because I cast him out in the names of God but that did not stop him from trying to get back into me.  He had entered through my head, and he lingered around my head for quite a few days.  I will say that these ghosts are absolutely stone cold, (the same as demons), and something as cold as that trying to enter my body brought its coldness with it.  When it was out of my body I knew that it was still around because my face and nose kept on getting freezing cold.  It was so cold that it would even wake me up at night.  I continued to cast out demons and ghosts etc. and then I put on the armour of God to protect myself.  These ghosts try to get in for a while and if they are not successful they go away.  I talked to my friend on the telephone and my angel's message to me was to be careful driving home, and that is all my angel would say to me.

This ghost decided to come back home with me.  Besides having altered my throat, when he was in me, so that I gave these odd little grunting noises in my throat, he also emitted a rattling noise.  Ghosts like to frighten people with their rattling noise or other odd noises, and this ghost made the occasional rattling noise while I was driving home in my car, so I knew he was with me.  I kept on putting on the armour of God to protect myself.  I sang hymns and I also sang my way through matins (the daily morning service of the Church of England) as I journeyed home for the next two days.  I think that I gave the ghost a miserable time.

I phoned up my friend and we conversed with my angel.  He confirmed that the thing was a ghost and that it was not in the house.  It was now outside.  It had wanted to occupy my body but it was having a hard time staying in because I had cast it out, and I had been very vigilant to keep it out of me.  When I went to sleep at night I had asked God to protect me.  There was not anything I could do except keep on casting it out until it got fed-up and would go away.

Later that night, as I fetched the dog in for the night, the ghost rattled as we went past the gate, and the dog got angry with the noise and turned and snapped at it.  I continued to bring the dog in and, as usual, I behaved as if I had not heard it.

I thought it was still around but my angel said it was not in the house. I went to Church and two members of the healing group prayed that it would leave me alone and it is gone.

Ghosts seem to be lost souls.  Their existence is extremely lonely and they do not exhibit any signs of laughter and enjoyment.  I suppose the perverse enjoyments poltergeists get when they frighten us are their best moments.  I had two poltergeists locked in the room upstairs, and these two had somehow found each other, but they were very unusual.  The majority of ghosts usually do not have any community to participate in. 

Ghosts are usually limited in their environment because they can see and are attacked by demons, and they cannot be certain of their safety if they move to a strange environment.  This ghost thought that it could live with me but I refused it.  At that time I was unaware of how to solve the problem of ghosts that are a nuisance.  Normal ghosts do not bother us, so I conclude that this ghost was demonized itself and was therefore a poltergeist.

One of the saddest things I have encountered was the old lady ghost who was standing by her gravestone.  According to the gravestone she had died in the 1870's and her husband had died three years after her.  My friend saw her crying so she decided to ask her what was wrong.  The woman said she was looking for her husband and she had been waiting for a long time.  She did no know where he was, and she was frightened to move from that place.  My friend found out her name and his name, and went around the gravestones looking for his name.  She found it but did not tell the lady.  She asked why she was there, and the old lady said that she and her husband had made a promise that whoever died first would not go towards the light to the Kingdom of Heaven; the first to die would wait for the other to die; then they would both go into heaven together, hand in hand.  Unfortunately for the old lady the light would not come twice for her.  The light came for her husband and he went.  She now has to wait on earth for the end of the world, when God "claims all creation as his own."  She was crying because she was frightened and lonely.  We felt sorry for her but my angel said we cannot do anything for her; she can only wait for the end of the world.  She is now a ghost.

Eternal life comes from giving up this life and moving into eternity with God.  We do not get to make the rules up about how to enter heaven.  Jesus said in John 12:25 "He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world, shall keep it unto life eternal." 

There is eternal life in a place that is good to live in.  Apparently this lady and her husband had both been good in their life and expected to go to heaven.  They knew the light would come for them and that it would be free will as to whether they go to heaven or not.  When the body dies the soul is left and it seems that we still have our own free will.  This can be a problem when a person has not prepared for life after death.  The lady herself acted on some very bad advice and that bad advice affected her own free will choice after her death. 

In our life we are plagued by invisible demons while we live and there is much pain both physically and mentally associated with the demons activity.  When we die if we do not go to heaven and we stay on earth then (as ghosts) the soul is still plagued by demons but a ghost can see them. The lady said that she was frightened to move from her grave which was in holy ground because she had seen the demons around her.  Most of us are lucky in our life that we cannot see the demons; but unfortunately there are others, most of whom are mentally ill, who can see the demons.   To become a soul that is living here on earth as a ghost is not a good eternal future for anybody because there are always demons occupying the earth.  The command for deliverance from evil spirits is making the world a better place for the living and the dead, if we send them to that place that God has assigned them, where they will not harm man nor beast again.

In one of my waking dreams I saw the High Street in the village I live in.  I viewed it from above and the people were all wearing old fashioned clothes.  A group of people (ghosts) brought their friend to me.  And they said "Look what they have done to her."  They had brought a lady to me.   She was wearing clothing from around the 1920's.  Her skirt was black.  Her high collared blouse was white and she wore a black waist coat.  Her hair was fashionably drawn back into a loose bun and she wore a black hat.  She looked pretty good except that she did not have a face.  Where her face should have been she had blocks like bricks shoved in to fill the space.  Her ghost friends wanted me to do something about it.  All I could honestly do was to mark her in the name of Jesus Christ and send her to holy ground, to go deep into holy ground and sleep until the judgement of the great day.  The ghosts around here must have noticed that I am directing demons away from this place but I cannot do more than what Jesus directed us to do.     

The life that most ghosts seem to lead is very lonely.  It is as if they are in a bubble and cannot see or connect with people or other ghosts.  I feel quite sorry that we cannot pray them into heaven.  It is a shame because they would have been much happier if they had gone to heaven when they died.  Heaven is a place of friendship.  When my old friend died, my angel told me that she was now with a good bunch of people, and that she was happier than she had been in years.  All that she did that was different to what ghosts on earth did was to move towards the light when it came for her.  Sometimes the angels who come with the light to collect the soul to go to heaven have family members or friends with them.  That has to be helpful in directing people to heaven.

Wraiths and poltergeists are not as friendly or benign as ordinary ghosts. They seem to be ghosts who are possessed by evil spirits.  The goal of poltergeists and wraiths is to cause us grief and trouble and they seem to work in cahoots with demons and fallen angels, or they are controlled by demons and fallen angels. When the body is calm, we can detect fallen angels and demons as they enter our body. The poltergeists sometimes have the facility to move objects, turn the radio on and off etc. and unless we are aware that we can stop them in the name of Jesus, i.e. "In the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God you do not manifest" their manifesting can be quite worrisome and it frightens us. It is at the point of our being frightened that our bodies are less able to detect the entrance of demons or fallen angels. These fallen angels and demons wait around until there is a shock to our body system and they jump in at that point.  The shock may be an accident, fall, unnatural noise or some other kind of shock or fright, they are not choosey, the body just has to be feeling abnormal and they can get in undetected.

I have found that the best way to get rid of poltergeists is to use the casting out demons command in chapter 1 on the poltergeists.  In other words cast the demons out of the poltergeists and send the demons to that place that God has assigned them to wait for judgement.  When that is done use the same command to cast out poltergeists, ghosts and wraiths, only this time send them to holy ground to sleep until the judgement of the great day. Holy ground and cemeteries are blessed and there is some safety for the soul that does not go to heaven if they wait in holy ground.  Cemeteries are peaceful places with very little demon activity.  If you do not cast the demons out of the poltergeist there is a high probability that the demons will follow the ghost back into the earth and wake them up again.  So you have to get rid of the demons that are afflicting them so that the ghosts are no longer in torment and can sleep peacefully until God's Judgement.

       It is best by far to never become a ghost.  Accept Jesus into your heart and live life that is acceptable to your soul and to God, then at you death you will see the light that you follow into God's kingdom and everlasting life with God in heaven.  As Jesus said "To day shalt thou be with me in Paradise."

Copyright © Cheryl Shepherd - Canada

Luke 23:43