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Personal Attacks

I used to have one leg shorter than the other and the shorter leg grew instantly when Billy Smith prayed over it at a healing meeting.  To have one leg shorter than the other means that the skeletal system and the muscle system of the body is twisted and thereby painful at all times.  I had been in pain since I was a child so it was wonderful to gradually have the pain reduced.

Up until that time, I had no idea that God wanted me to be healthy and pain free.  I had never really noticed these promises of God in the Bible, Old or New Testament, and I would have sworn that healing was not for me.  My own healing showed that I was very wrong, and from then onwards I studied the Bible to find God's wish for me as well as everyone else.

Billy Smith's Ministry made a tape called "Health a Gift from God" and I played this every night as I went to sleep.  It is basically a collection of quotes from the Bible related to healing and health and it gave me courage to deal with my health problems through Jesus Christ as well as the medical profession and not leave my health to the medical profession only.

As soon as my body was attacked I dealt with it the same way as I cleared the house of evil; I cast out demons in the names of God and then I said healing prayers.  It worked on me so whenever any of my friends had an illness I did the same for them and God/Jesus/Holy Spirit healed them too.

It can be found in the Bible that Jesus never refused to heal anybody, I find this to be a really pleasant and important fact.  Everybody is worthy of God's love through Jesus Christ.

What I have found when ministering healing to others in the names of God is that some demons would jump into me.  For instance after casting out demons for someone who had a pain in the knee then within the next day I would get a pain in the knee.  I would then cast demons out of me and the pain would go.  (Almost invariably the pain leaves when I cast out demons.)  If there was a structural defect in the person to be healed, they would be left with discomfort but not pain.  Demons and pain seem to go together.  So my next problem was my defence.

To defend myself I found information in Ephesians 6:10-18, of the New Testament.  They talk about the armour of God and it pertains to righteousness.  Righteousness is something I do my best to achieve at all times.  To do otherwise would be dirtying my soul.  Good honest down to earth dirt is fine for the body but soul dirt from evil behaviour is bad for the body.  However, I am not stupid, my righteousness is minuscule compared to God's righteousness, so the prayer I use is:-

Dear God.  Please put the armour of God onto me according to your righteousness and love through Jesus Christ.  To protect me from evil.  Let the devil and all that labour under the devil be as a thing of nought to my mind, body and soul.  Please protect me from evil beings so that they cannot do any thing to my mind, body or soul.  I am completely protected. Thank you God. AMEN.

It works.  The length of time the prayer works for is limited. I think it's limited because it messes with our free will gift from God.  If I am in a particularly demon-afflicted place, I put the armour of God on at the beginning of every hour, (i.e. once an hour,) and that works very well for me.

For all that knowledge, I frequently forget to arm myself before doing the healing on others.  I do this healing over the telephone too and it works.  I had prayed for my mother over the telephone to heal her of neuralgia (nerve pain in the face) and it cleared out of her even though she had suffered, off and on, for twenty years.  Of course, I forgot to put on the armour of God.

More from my diary.

May 15th. 2000

I heard a loud boom in my left ear.  Now I realize that I did not hear it in my right ear.  I went to the door and looked out expecting to see a crash of some sort and there was nothing unusual outside.

Later, I went to bring the dog into the house and when I came in I was suffering from neuralgia, a nerve pain on the left side of my face and mouth.  I had eaten a carob fruit and nut bar and it contained peanuts so I thought that I might be suffering from an allergy attack.  Or was it an attack by demons with the boom sound in my left ear that upset my facial nerves on the left side.  I have cast out demons and commanded the pain to leave, then asked Jesus to remove the pain and any demons, and then to heal me, so I will be fine.

It is very odd the more I can explain my health event in terms of a physical reaction, i.e. the carob bar, the longer the pain stays.  It is an interesting observation on the cause and healing of pain.  I find that language plays a vital role in telling my body what to accept as its body function.

When we speak, using our freewill, to accept illness as our own, God does not interfere with our free will request, even if is makes us ill.  God asks us to pray and declare what we want and He will answer.   St Augustine said "Without God we cannot, and without us He will not."

May 16th. 2000

My friend phoned to return my call of last night and I told her about the boom and the neuralgia; we asked my angel about it.  He said he heard the loud noise, and also saw some small thing on my cheek last night.  He said it eventually went.  He said that hesitantly but it is gone now.  Maybe that is what caused the pain.  I asked if I should have my wisdom tooth out and he said I can if I want but there is nothing wrong with it.

I wondered if the boom I heard in my left ear was this thing going into my ear, because shortly after that the pain came.  I had never suffered from neuralgia until I did the healing prayers on my Mum, over the telephone.  I did not put the Armour of God on when I cast out demons over the telephone. From experience of demons jumping into me when I do my part in the healing I expect that this demon came from my mother.  I kept on casting demons out.  Maybe the boom was to confuse me.  Also the dentist could not find anything wrong with my teeth but thought that if my wisdom tooth came out, my problems would be solved.  The neuralgia does not contain itself in one tooth.  (My poor mother, how horrible to be afflicted with this for years.  I pray that it has permanently left her now.)

The pain has gone completely; those demons won't return.  This "thing" i.e. "small thing" exerted a large physical pain in my face because it knew where to touch and that is what demons have learnt, where to strike and our logical explanation of the pain tries to bring what has been an outside influence into our own reality, and the demons get away without being detected.  The nerves are still aware that they have been touched but the healing is very rapid.

The pain in my mother's face was not due to any problems with her teeth.  Demons know where to touch to cause real physical pain.

I was subject to these periodic attacks for a while.  Each time my angel told me there was a black blob/insect/beetle like thing on my face or in it. These blobs go to that place that God has assigned them to when I pray for them to go.  Each time the pain disappeared when I cast out demons in the names of God.  When the demons are sent away, they do not return, others come in their place.  Now there must be a few less insect like blobs to afflict mankind.

This year (2001) I have been attacked by the same sort of thing but this time it gives me a sinus headache.  Again it is cleared by casting out demons and soon afterwards the pain clears.  Most of the pain goes with the demons but with sinus headaches I find that the rest of the pain goes in the next half hour.  I have to pray for healing as well as casting out demons.  It is easy to forget to ask for healing on myself because when pain goes I forget that I still have the other symptoms of the illness. With other people, I am more apt to follow a system of healing as set out in chapter 1.

Demons are tricky and don't want to move on.  For instance when casting them out of ones mouth, I have to include lips, mouth, teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks, throat, inside and outside plus all the nerves and sinuses because the demons move out of the way of the prayer. For example on the leg they might move from the knee joint to the calf. What I do is to barricade them inside a wall of parameters to get them to listen to the command to leave the body and deny them permission to go back to where they had been residing in the body.

I was casting out demons from one woman who had been abused as a child.  Later in life she altered the normal use of her name from the one that her parents gave her to a nickname, which was given to her by friends.  When I was casting out demons; she said it was really odd but she heard (in her head), two demons talking and they said "She can't mean us because we came in when she was called (the parent given name.)  I changed the command to the parent given name and they left.

Frequently when I pray for demons to leave knees, they jump to a different part of the leg.  If I pray for them to leave the new place they jump again.  I have to do a prayer that includes every place and then they leave.  Also, I have to pray to include the inside and the outside and even the edges that include inside and outside like the edge of the lips and nose.  They are looking for that little reason why I cannot mean them. So what I have found is that prayer works best if I am specific and inclusive. Demons are the spawn of Satan who is the father of liars, and they are liars and lie to themselves and all those around them. ( In later years I have also found that demons leave one place and obey the command, and others take up the pain generation in another location.)

Here are a few more diary entries.

Lumps and bumps

I am noticing that people often have lumps and bumps on their body which are often painful and usually cold.  The bumps related pain respond to the casting out of demons and frequently do not respond to the healing prayer at all until the demons have been moved on (to that place that God has assigned them to await His eternal judgement.)

So when I am confronted by lumps and bumps, I cast out demons first.  In fact, before all healing I should cast out demons.

To cast demons out in front of people seems to be the most difficult thing to do.  I find that I do not have to say it very loud.  I am talking to the demons not the person. But I find I can whisper it in my breath and demons listen.  I cannot only think it to get results.  The Bible says that people cannot do anything by thought only, and it seems to be true, I have tried it.  So speak and everything listens.  (I think we all find that God also listens to prayers, whispered or said.)

August 28th, 2000

I was dozing on the chair, as usual, in front of the Television when I was awakened by a "ching" sound.  It sounded like someone had struck a crystal glass and it reverberated.  The sound rang out three times.  I opened my eyes and looked towards the sound and I saw the unmistakable smoke of evil lingering in the air.  Although the fan was on, the smoke hung in the air for a few minutes and then it was gone out of my sight.

I was muzzy from sleeping and I registered that a fallen angel had entered my house.  I stirred myself and started commanding it to leave.  At first, when I heard the sound I thought it was on the Television but there was an ordinary detective story on so it was not that; and it had also come from the opposite side of the room.  However, needless to say, I was too tired to be vehement or bitter in casting the fallen angel out so it stayed.

Soon afterwards, I went to bed. My grandson had decided to sleep in my bed again.  I lay down and started casting demons etc. out of me, also out of my grandson and the house.  Not much seemed to happen until I said:-"Satan, the Lord rebuke thee and bind thee by the Power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, and cut off all of your power."  Then when I went back to casting out demons, my grandson started scratching and crying in his sleep.  The fallen angel was trying to distract me from moving it out of myself, my grandson, and the house.  I kept on commanding while I tried to gently stay my grandson's hands from scratching himself.  I must have repeated the command for about twenty minutes and in that time my grandson calmed down and went back to sleep again.  Just to make sure, I prayed that God would come and clear me, my grandson and the house of all demons, fallen angels, evil entities and all evil and I know God did.

The next day, when I asked my angel, he answered Yes even before I had finished my question.  It was a fallen angel that had decided to come into my house and the "ching" sound I heard, my angel said, was chains.  Yes it had left.  I asked if it had gone to that place that I had sent it to and my angel said "No other.  There isn't anywhere else for it to go."

My angel told my friend that I was terrified, but I don't remember being terrified, just very tired and I had to force myself to deal with it. I asked God to deal with it because I did not feel very forceful myself.  When it attacked my grandson, I did feel a lot more forceful.

Note:  There seems to be a sleepiness associated with fallen angels.  My friend was "nodding off to sleep" when we had one of the first encounters with a fallen angel.  My angel suggested that they put us to sleep (for whatever reason) so it is sheer determination that keeps me awake to cast them out so that they can not be any trouble to me, mankind nor beast again.

Diary entries.

My body was in trouble.  I think I must have slipped and pulled a muscle under my shoulder blade on the left side.  In the night I had pains in my left lung so that it was hard to breath.  In the names of God I cast out demons etc. and the pain went away.  This happened a few times over the next few days and I believe I asked God to finally move them.

At the same time as this, I kept on getting muscle spasms in muscles that were mostly on the left side of my torso.  These were very unpleasant and yet individually responded to the commands in the names of God/Jesus.  It would happen in the night, at first, and then at any time, sometimes finishing with one muscle and starting on another.  Then it got into my lower back and left hip and seemed to manage to pull on my backbone and cartilage.

This happened to me and I had a lot of pain across my left hip so that I could not use the muscles without causing pain to myself and it greatly incapacitated me.

Then I talked to my boss at work, and she related how she had pulled a small muscle in her back and she had pain in her lungs so that it was hard to breathe.  It was exactly what I had, and she lay on the cutting table (I work in a fabric store) and it went away when she lay down flat.

So I realized that this strange pain generator was nothing to do with what I had done; it was a demon and I started to really cast it out of my whole body. (On reading this, I sound like I am knowledgeable about demons and yet I do not take my own advice.  It is true! I would rather not believe what I know about demons; and I have put it to the test by not following through with prayers to rid me of demons, but I always end up in pain when I do this.)  It had put my bones in my back out of place, but God put them back in place when I prayed.  But my body kept on getting muscle spasms, releasing when I told them in the name of Jesus.

(It seems that my big mouth got me into this one.  I had been bragging to my boss that when my back slips out I just pray and God puts it back, which is what happens.  But Satan was listening and he attacked me as demons.  Telling people about God's mercy is good, - bragging has tones of self ownership of the miracle instead of God's ownership of the miracle, so bragging is bad.)

They say that the nearer we get to God the more Satan attacks us, but I think that Satan attacks us all the time no matter whether we are good or bad. In the last few years I have studied God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the Bible, and used what I had learnt when I, or my family, was attacked by Satan's hordes.  Thank God I had my friend and my angel to help steer me through.  They were obviously a gift from God.  I am much better off now that I refuse to let demons live in me.  I had lived in constant pain as if it was normal for everyone to be in pain; (even my doctor had told me that it was normal to have backache, when I was a teenager.) Now I know that God wants me to be healthy and pain free at all times.

I phoned my friend and told her of my stupidity and the pain I was in, and she sympathized.  My angel said I should defend myself.  I did not realize what he meant at that time.  The casting out of demons was working; but I think Satan just sent more in, so I was not safe from them and the pain kept on coming back.  When I asked my angel if the demon had left, he said:  "That one has left" then he said "Defend yourself."

Here I am with all this knowledge on how to use prayer to heal, and I was having trouble on myself.  I only started to really get relief when I put on the armour of God.  I said:-

Dear God and Father. Please put the armour of God onto me according to your righteousness and your love through Jesus Christ, to protect me from evil. Let the Devil, and all that labour under the devil, be as a thing of nought to my mind, body and soul.  Please protect me from evil beings so that they cannot do anything to my mind, body or soul.  I am completely protected. Thank you God. AMEN

I would say it three times. Then I would say Thank you God. AMEN.  And the pain eased.  I cast out demons and it went away.  I put the armour of God on - on the hour - every hour, and the demons seemed to quiet, possible they no longer got the prompting from Satan.  At the end of the hour, I would often get a twinge until I put the armour of God on again. (Five years later I know that the large demons are located outside of the body and are directing smaller demons to afflict the body.  The need is to include the outside demon in the command to cast them out.)

When I went to bed, I put the Bible under my hip/back.  It felt good and was comfortable too.  I fell asleep with it under there and it was still there when I woke up the next morning.

When I woke up in my mind's eye, I saw two big attached bubbles, in see through like embryonic sacks. And these sacks were encapsulating and squashing a demon in what seemed to be like the demon body in the big sack, and what would be the demon head in the smaller sack.  The smaller bubble/sack had one big eye in it, and smaller eyes behind the big one in the bubble.  I thought it was odd; and obviously the demon encapsulated like that was oddly powerless.  I quickly consigned it to that place that God had assigned it to await His eternal judgement.  It knew whom I, in the names of God, was talking to.

What I thought happened was the "Word of God" the Bible, was like a prayer cloth and captured the demon.  With its big eyes it might have been able to see God coming and run and hide from God, so that is why it was so tenacious.  (Read on, I'm going to a different place with this.)

I kept on putting on the Armour of God and I had the occasional twinge and muscle cramp yesterday.  Today I am a lot better.  At that point I evaluated what I had learnt.

1.  To keep my mouth careful of what it says.
2.  The armour of God works.
3.  When they have done some real damage, I still have to pray to recover.
4.  God lets me make mistakes, but is there to help me through.
5.  That prayer cloths do work as a reminder of the request prayer.
6.  God says "Seek me first."  Whenever pain comes in, talk to it, casting it out in the name of Jesus or God, and then thank God.
7.  Don't assume ownership of any pain or suffering.

I did not stop there.  The next night I put the Bible under the left side of my pelvis and the hip was even better in the morning.  I was beginning to use the Bible like a talisman, my lucky charm with powers of its own, and rely on it instead of talking directly to God.  By the next night my Bible had disappeared.  I missed it and searched high and low for it.  I truly thought that it had fallen down between the bed and the bedside table and I looked and I felt and it was not there.  Over the next week, I looked for the Bible but I did realize what I was doing wrong.  God says "Thou shalt have no other God before me." and I was using the Bible as something beyond an information tool.  I thought of it as having a mysterious power of its own; and I might have eventually focused on it, instead of on God.

The Bible disappearing like that was a lesson in itself, and it kept me from sinning.  Just as I came to this realization I was in my bedroom and I looked again for my Bible between the bed and the bedside table, and it was not there.  I talked to my friend on the telephone and in our conversation I told her about my conceptual problem with the Bible, and how it had been good that it had gone, and I put my hand between the bed and the bedside table and the Bible was there.  I picked it up.

My angel and the other angels had hidden the Bible until I realized my error.  It sounds a bit mean but I fully understood what they did it for.  I was valuing the inanimate object called the Bible, as if it had power, but that power belongs to God only.  It was not too bad a thing for my angels to hide my Bible because I own at least six Bibles.  However, I normally use the large print King James version and that was the one that went missing.

Nothing has ever disappeared on me before.  If I lose something, I ask St Anthony to help me to find it. My angel (who is not St Anthony) is usually the one to help me find things and I look and automatically see what I am looking for.  When an angel can change my perceptions to such a degree that I actually cannot see or feel something, it makes me wonder how "concrete" reality is! (Five years later I realize that I have always asked God to help me to find things, and only asked St Anthony when I have remembered that he is supposed to be the saint of lost causes. Asking saints for help is not really the Anglican way of relating to God.)

Thou shalt have no other God before me.

This statement is put into the ten commandments with the explanation that God is a jealous God.  That may be so. God jealously wants the best for us, but His jealousy is greatly overpowered with His capacity to forgive us our sins.

What I have noticed when I have encountered the people who have been close to evil, when they recount their experiences they mention holy relics and the Bible being used to give credence to the evil ones words.  There are many crosses and other symbols around the evil environment to confuse people into believing that they are from God.

Symbols and relics are not to be worshipped or to figure so prominently in our worship that we forget that it is God who we worship.

God knows the capacity of the evil one to embrace all symbols and relics in order to confuse us in our relationship with God.  And that is why we have to keep our sights on the Lord and let nothing come between us and God.

Crosses, Icons, Holy relics are tools of remembrance and not at all there to be worshipped for themselves.  That is worth remembering, and that includes the Bible and Holy Books.  The Bible is a tool for learning from.  The Church is a place to learn about God and for communal worship.

In my Church, we learn very little about evil and the Devil.  We take the time to worship God, sing his praises and learn about him from the scriptures read from the Bible.  However, my knowledge has come mostly through the introduction to God through the Church, and my personal study of the Bible, also my mother taught me how to rely on God, she taught me how to pray.  Whatever knowledge I had gleaned from my walk with God through my life was definitely enough to combat evil.  I knew enough to rely on God and His power.  I have a personal relationship with God and am comfortable talking and praying to Him.  After what I have experienced, I would suggest that everyone should equip themselves with the knowledge, strength, power and availability of God through Jesus Christ, and use this as an armour, shield, defence and offence against the forces of evil.

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