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The Attack

I would love to say the battle was over but it was not.  In between all this I lived a pretty normal life with my grandson staying with me and frequent house guests staying in the rooms.  I spent time casting out demons if I smelt them; and the house stayed relatively clear of them.

My next attack came from poltergeists.  My house is also part shop; the door was open to strangers to enter at all times.  Poltergeists came in when the door was open.

I have not got a sense of smell, although I can now smell angels and demons.  Anyway apparently poltergeists are ghosts and smell like rotting flesh, and people kept  coming into my store and telling me that I have a large dead beast somewhere and it was rotting.  However it was a smell that was there at times and was not there at other times, which is a rather strange phenomenon.  At one stage, a couple came in who reported that they both had an excellent sense of smell, and the husband could smell it strongly and the wife could not smell anything.  So if I had someone in to smell the place, the bad smell would seem to disappear, but I did believe the people who could smell it and I looked everywhere for a dead body of an animal.

I had a young girl staying with me and she came to me and told me that scarves were moving about in front of her eyes in her bedroom.  I listened to her but I must admit I thought she just had a vivid imagination.  (I did not connect the bad smell with poltergeists at that time.)

My Journal again

This week, my grandson and I spent an evening at my friend's house, leaving the young girl at home.  The poltergeists decided to torment her with things flying through the air and the radio clicking on and off.  She tried to ignore it as she phoned us up for help.  My friend told her to tell the things to get out etc. but that only made them worse.  I asked my principal angel to go to my house and to see what was happening. (I did wonder if the girl was being overly dramatic.)  He came back and said that I had to go home straight away because there were two very ugly poltergeists in my house and the girl was in trouble.  She had a single angel to protect her.  (I have a number of them.)  My angel went home ahead of me to help her angel out, and my friend got on the phone to keep the young girl company.  When we got home, I talked on the phone to my friend and my angel told me to take my grandson and the girl out for about 20 minutes.  We went to the doughnut place in the next town, later on I phoned my friend.  My angel was back with me and he said that he and a "small army" of angels had got them out of the house.  When we arrived back home the entrance hall stank, but the house was all right.

We did go to sleep that night. The girl said that with her eyes open she could hear them calling her name, but with her eyes shut she could not hear them.  I believe she woke up in the night and opened the window to let them in again, or she was sleepwalking and then opened the window.  The next day the poltergeists were back in the house.

My friend came for a few hours the next day, she could not stay long but I wanted to get the poltergeists out of my home permanently.  These things are not demons; they are noisy mischievous spirits, and it is the nature of them that they make an issue of not leaving and thereby torment humans.  My angel suggested that we lock them in the room that they were in and let them get bored until they want to leave on their own accord.  I bought the ironware and a lock with a key; we put the lock on, emptied the room of most of its contents and locked them in the room.  The smell diminished out of the rest of the house and they stayed there.

I was pretty miserable having these unwelcome poltergeists in my home, even if they were contained in one room.  The idea is to lock the door and wait but I am not too good at waiting.  I felt like I had to guard the door from anyone trying to get into that room.

The next few weeks went okay but I was reluctant to stay in the house at night on my own.  On the alone nights, I stayed at a friends house.  I was not very happy.  I am sure that locking the poltergeists up in a room to get bored would have worked, but I was not very patient.

One day, when I was talking to my friend and my angel, he asked me why it was bothering me to have them locked in a room we don't use.  I had to admit it was bothering me because I wanted my whole house back.  My angel offered to get them out himself and while I was dithering about not wanting him to get hurt or tired, he marched off upstairs and into the room.  It was 1:50 PM and when I phoned my friend back at 2:30 PM my angel had been back seven minutes.  The way he got the poltergeists out was to break down their concept of their own body having substance.  They do not know they are dead, and that is why you can lock them in rooms.  Once they knew it, he shoved them through the window and out.  He was tired after that, but he said they could not hurt him.  Poltergeists are ghosts that are afflicted by demons, and these two poltergeists created havoc together because they found it to be fun. However, it is more usual for ghosts to have a lonely existence. (I have since found that I should cast demons out of the poltergeists, which will make them ordinary ghosts again, and then I assign the ghost into holy ground to wait until the judgement day of God Almighty.)

I got another friend to come over so that we could unlock the door together.  When we entered the room it smelt nice but most of all there was a beautiful light in the room.  It could have been from the window, but it was like a glow in the whole room.  Both of us remarked on how the room glowed.

Ague - Creeping Cold.  Nov30-Dec2,1999

My body has recently been afflicted with a coldness that simply would not go away, and was still a problem even when I sat right by the fire, or lay under my electric blanket.  With the electric blanket set at its highest I still had goose pimples.  I was so cold.

With my normal body heat, the centre of my hands and the bottom of my feet are very hot, and all parts of my body between are normal and warm.  I had the flu a few years ago but the chill in my body persisted for less than a day.  This time the coldness went on for days.

Ever since the event with the fallen angel, I have had moments when I have been standing at the kitchen sink and this chill would start creeping up my legs.  I suppose it happened at the kitchen sink because it is probably colder there and the creeping demon reckoned I would mistake his presence for natural cold.  However, it was very chilly and crept from the feet up the legs so that it was an easily discernible movement upwards.  Each time I would say "Get out.  Get away from me in the name of Jesus." and it would leave down my legs and I would be warm again.  On Monday night I was washing dishes again and the creeping coldness started to creep up my legs, but this time I was less vigilant and I told myself that this commanding demons out was silly.   WAS I WRONG!!!!!

I went to bed that night and turned on the electric blanket but hours later I found myself chilled all over my body.  I had a pain on my right side from my neck to my waist, and on the left side, from my neck to my shoulder.  The pain was weird because it felt like hollow tubes.  The pain went down these hollow tubes from my neck to my waist and from my neck to my shoulder.  When I am sick and I want to get better I cast out demons first.  So I lay in bed saying; In the name of God Almighty the Lord of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and God the Holy Spirit; I command all demons; all evil entities; all beings that have an intimate relationship with the Devil, to leave my body and do not enter it again.  And you go to that place that God has assigned you to await His eternal judgment.  And when you get to that place, there you will wait for God's final eternal judgment. AMEN (See chapter 1 for the complete healing commands and prayers.)

As usual, the evil did not want to go but I repeated it over and over again until I got some relief.  First the pain from my neck to my waist went; then after many more repeats of the command the pain from my neck to my shoulder went.  I did get a few twinges from my neck to my shoulder in the next 24 hours but I just told it that it has no business with me and in the name of Jesus to get out, and it went.  It all sounds impossible but when I asked my angel about the demons he said that I had had two in me.  They went but the cold persisted.

By Tuesday evening, I felt marginally better but I was still very cold and by now my joints ached all over my body.  Wednesday and Thursday passed with me getting better but very slowly.  By Thursday night, I remembered the creeping demon that I had been stupid enough to not kick out when it tried to get in me.  I was so cold.  I started to cast out demons etc. but it did not budge.  I cast out demons for half an hour but I could not get this demon to move.  I thought that maybe it was a fallen angel and tricky enough to ignore my command; rather like   "If you're not going to call me by my real name I'm not going to listen to you."  I altered my words to include fallen angel who have an intimate acquaintance with the Devil.  It still did not move.  (At this stage I did not realize that ghosts enter a person's body and they make them icy cold.  I should have also commanded ghosts to leave my body.)  I decided to ask Jesus to move whatever it was that was in my body.  I prayed and then I dozed off to sleep.

Not long afterwards, I woke up.  Jesus had come.  My hands and feet were toasty warm again, as was the rest of my body.  Jesus is amazing.  God says "Seek me first." yet I still try to do it in God's name first, then when it isn't easy; I seek God.

When I seek God first I tend to be a bit vague about what I want.  Because the awful pain responded to demon's leaving, it would have been useless to ask Jesus to remove the symptoms only.  The pain would have eased but would not have gone for ever.  With other people, when I speak to cast out demons in the names of God, the pain leaves them.  After the healing prayer, I tell them what to say if the pain comes back.  I tell them to talk to their body and tell it that Jesus has already healed them, and the pain has no place in the body and it has to leave.  If they are aware that I have commanded demons, I further tell them to tell the pain or demons to go to that place that God has assigned them to await his final eternal judgment.

I had not understood that pain is often associated with demons, and the other symptoms of sickness are simply the indicators for healing of the body.  Had I known I could have asked God in prayer for deliverance from evil and to give me good health, for instance, "Dear God, Please let my body be perfectly healthy.  Please take all demons out of my body and put them in a place where they cannot harm man nor beast ever again. Then God please let _________ (illness of the body e.g. cancer, arthritis etc) disappear from my body, or reduce in size etc with absolutely no ill effects to me, (see chapter 1 for a better explanation.)  Let (the afflicted part of my body) produce good healthy tissue in the right amount for a healthy body. Let me valiantly stand for healing Lord.  Thank you God.  AMEN. State and ask for, as best you can, what a healthy body is like.

This prayer requires faith that does not waver because God is very busy and we usually have to wait for the prayer to be answered.  The healing chapter (#1) outlines a method of biblical healing that separates the deliverance prayer and the healing prayer.  The deliverance prayer shows results immediately with pain leaving.  It is then easier to keep faith in the prayer to God for healing because demons are not dragging us back to the condition of pain and sickness.

Make no mistake.  God wants you to be healthy.  It is a lie from Satan that tells you that you are suffering for, or with, Christ.  Just as Job (in the Bible) only needed to sacrifice once a year for his sins, and not daily as he was doing, so it is with us.  Jesus died once for our sins and endured the lashings before his death to heal us and that is all that is required.  He gave us the gift of health and eternal life freely; nothing we can do can make it into a better gift.  That is one of the ways Satan gets to insult Jesus by our not accepting Jesus' gift of health as well as eternal life.  Satan is diabolical and tricky and does all he can to separate us from God.

Early April 2000

I closed my eyes to go to sleep and I saw this big red eye shape looking at me.  The eye looked red hot; it looked like a round door to a furnace.  The eye saw me looking at it and it tried to change its colour to blue. Then to the shape of two blue eyes, but it quickly went back to one eye and blue drained out of it and it was red again.

I immediately began to cast it out in the name of God.  It took some time to leave.  But I was not bothered with it again that night.

The next morning I saw five red eyes across the room, rather like red eyes on branches.  I cast it out.

On the Friday night I was alone in the house.  As I sat watching Television, I kept hearing noises so I reckoned a poltergeist or something was in the house.  However, "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" so I did not let it bother me.  (I had come a long way in a year.)  The next thing that happened was the TV screen went funny.  What I saw was a large square in the centre of the blue screen with black and white squiggles across the centre square.  There was also an electric buzzing sound at the same time and I was not sure if it came from the TV or not, so I reckoned that a fallen angel had entered; (they seem to favour electricity with lightening and such.)

I spent time in the names of God casting it out.  I did start to nod off to sleep, but my angel touched me on the arm and woke me up.  Unlike poltergeists who like to keep us wide awake and frightened, fallen angels seem to put me to sleep.  I don't know why they do this but it may be to stop me from casting them out, and then they are left to do whatever they want.  When I went to bed, I asked God to rid me and my house of all evil.

(The next morning.)  I suspect the fallen angel is out.  Strange that I have heart burn.  I have also been housing what I call lizard souls.  It took ages to get them to leave because these things are tenacious, but I did manage to cast them out.  These things like lizards, leeches or black blots, insects, bats etc. are as far as I am concerned pets of the devil and seem to reside inside or outside of the body or even better between the inside and outside, like on the lips, and thereby they miss the casting out.  Whatever happens, they are tricky to move out and away from us. (In subsequent years I realized that these kinds are probably directed by a larger demon that is located outside of the body, so as soon as one leaves another is directed to enter.)

May 5th, 2000 

I went to bed at 11.00pm and woke at 1.00am to see a flash of light outside of my window.  I did not hear thunder with it.  I did some casting out of evil because I felt this thing had come into the house, but I was very sleepy and I am not sure I got to the end of the command.  In fact sleepiness has been a factor for a while and it has confused my speech.  Then suddenly something was entering my legs.  It was not painful like an electric shock but it was like every nerve in my legs suddenly vibrated.  I felt that something evil was outside of me and was touching me to enter, and the vibration was as shocking as the sound of a chord being played on an organ and shattering the beautiful silence around it.  I awoke and demanded it to "Get out, Get out" and eventually managed to say "In the name of Jesus. Get out."  It left my body and my legs were normal again; they felt like the rest of my body with no problems.

Next I did my best to cast whatever it was out of the building and then asked God to cleanse my body and my house.  I feel reasonably normal, a bit hot and my throat is a little sore.  With this fallen angel, I did not smell smoke at all nor did I see white milky smoke when I put my light on, but I knew it was there because of what I had experienced.

In the morning I phoned my friend and talked to my angel.  He had seen nothing (he cannot see fallen angels) but he knew it had attacked me, (or tried to enter me.)  I asked why it was trying to get into me.  He said that I pose a threat to them.  They want to get inside me so they can manipulate me.  I don't want them to get inside of me because I do not like to be manipulated; they have no business trying to get inside of me.  I asked my angel if it really left and he said yes.  I asked how he knew since he could not see it, and he said he could feel it's presence in the house and felt it leave.  My angel said there is nothing in the house now.

I have sinus problem today and a slight sore throat at the bottom of my throat.  I have cast out demons and I could smell them as they came out.

It is weird; as always after seeing things I doubt my own observation. I thought that maybe I was wrong and the flash of light I saw through my window was in fact ordinary lightening. But I did listen for the thunder and I did not hear it. (I am one of those people who count seconds between lightening and thunder to see how many miles away the thunder storm is.)  That is why I guessed it was a fallen angel.  My later experience proved me right.  Also.  Whenever I see a stationary area of smoke, milky or stringy, I observe whether it is dispersing.  If it does not behave normally and disperse I assume it is demons, and cast it out in the names of God and it fades away.

April/May 2000

Things are still happening.  I keep getting the chill in parts of my body mainly my legs and hips and I tell it to go every time.  However, when I cast demons etc out of my body and house it either does not leave or others come in and take its place, because it is happening on a daily basis.  Others are coming into the house with a rattling sound, a sound rather like swing around ratchet rattles used at football games, (noise makers.)  There are brief intermittent sounds of this rattling.

When I see or hear or smell them I cast them out in the names of God.  I say the whole thing every time because I don't know what kind of demon it is.  (In retrospect, these things could have been ghosts and poltergeists, and I did not name them to cast them out because I did not understand enough about them.)  Now I find that some people in the deliverance ministry in the Church find out the name of the demon and cast that out.  But the only time Jesus asked a demon for a name its answer was LEGION, which meant that there were a tremendous number.  Jesus did not ask LEGION to name themselves one by one so that he could cast them out individually; he knew that they would be liars because they are the spawn of the Devil who is the father of liars.  Jesus cast them all out together and they all left together. I am not interested in parlaying with a demon so I use "All being that have an intimate relationship with the Devil."  This sentence includes all of them into a manageable group, and then I use the command that must be obeyed, because it is in the names of God.

I went to a meeting at Church and found myself telling a group of Christians and Anglican Ministers about the attacks.  I told them rapidly but since there was so much, I probably told them in quite a lot of detail.  Some of the clergy did not believe me but one older minister did take me seriously and asked me a few questions after the meeting.  I vaguely got the feeling he knew of the things I had talked about, and by the grace of God he knew what to do.  He prayed for me.  Much later when I did ask if he had prayed for me his remark was a very earnest "AND HOW!"  His prayers worked because things eased up again.  I have no idea what he said; all I know is it worked and I was able to gather strength again.  Thank God for the Church!

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