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Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.  He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.

Defence and Offence

As I learnt more about the defence and offence against the trickiness of the devil, the words I use are honed down into a series of prayers and commands.  Eventually, I am addressing God as God Almighty the Lord of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and God the Holy Spirit.  In the early days of casting out evil, I uttered the names of God as I had heard them in Church; but the demons would try to sit tight and pretend they did not hear. Since many people in South America have been christened  Jesus or Jesus Christ as one of their names, then the name of Jesus Christ must be particularly specific e.g. Jesus Christ the Son of God. Another problem in using the simple name of Jesus is that St Paul greeted another person whose name was Jesus as shown in Colossians 4:11, so we cannot say "Jesus who is in the Bible" because 'Jesus' refers to two people in the Bible. The word God has been used frequently without it referring to God Almighty, (I add) the Lord of Heaven and Earth.  So specific reference to God and a couple of his names is advisable.  I don't think demons can quibble about the Holy Spirit.

For my defence through God Almighty and His names, in chapter 1 you will find binding prayers, the armour of God, and healing prayers.  Most of the work I do in God's ministry is my part in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ the Son of God.  These series of attacks are the Devil's way of thwarting my progress as I participate in God's healing ministry.  At the same time I have learnt a lot about the power of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

There is a house built over a demon pit that many years ago, was subject to Satanic ritual.  I suppose the pit was there already, and these Satanic rites have encouraged the demons to proliferate in that area.  People have been known to break into houses when they are empty to perform this ritual evil.  The evil emanating from the pit casts no aspersions on the inhabitants of the house.  Good people can and do live in houses like this, and have absolutely no knowledge or feeling about the pit.

What we noticed when we cast out demons was that they all left and went the same way towards one particular house.  This house looked strange; it was probably in our eyes only, but the house looked swollen. Its edges seemed to move, or pulsate, would better describe it.

My friend was visiting the occupant of that house, and in fact she wished she had not; immediately upon entering she saw a big pit in the middle of the living room floor, and demons were climbing out and going into the pit all the time.  She also saw smaller pits in the house.  Trying not to look strange, she edged her way around these pits as the owner proudly showed her the house.

That day there was an enormous angel standing over the house.  My friend knew little about Christianity but her description of the angel indicated that it was St Michael, complete with the big stick he carries.

A couple of days later, St Michael had gone and an enormous demon was sitting on the top of the house.  The most appropriate saying for the next event is "Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread."  We decided to go over to the outside of the house and move the massive demon.

As we stood outside the house.  We could feel the squiggle and squirming of demons in the rock beneath our feet.  I said "I command you to leave in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and to go to that place that God has assigned you to await His eternal judgment."  The giant demon did not move at all.  He sat there staring intently in one direction.  I repeated the command quite a few times and for my effort he turned to look at me, and he sneered.  Then he turned back to stare in the same direction as before.  He was not going to move because of my puny efforts.  We gave up and went home.

I realized there was something wrong with my thinking.  I was putting faith in the words rather like an incantation of a magic spell.  Faith has to be in God.  His faithfulness to us.  His love and might and power.  (There are many words that describe God.)  Faith has to be in the power of God being supreme, over all of creation.

In a poem by G. K. Chesterton he points to the comical creatures of creation that God has made just "In case the minds of men should be so forgetful of their maker be, as to take himself quite seriously."  Some times I am the comical creation, but most often I am taking myself too seriously, and I am forgetful of God.  This is a very human trait, but not a very astute thing to do when trying to walk in the promises of God.  And my ego does not help one bit when moving demons on, especially giant ones.

Later on, we had a conversation with my angel and he said.  "Every pit has one or two of these large demons.  Demons go in and out of the pit at will, and the only real way that demons stay down the pit is if God looks at them.  The large demon was keeping a look out for God; so that he could sound the alarm early enough for them all to get back to the pit before God sees them and deals with them in some way. (Not many days after that the massive angel was back over the pit.)

Later that night, my friend was outside and she heard moaning.  She assumed that somebody who was evil was dying.  I asked my angel "what the moaning was all about?"  He said   "The moans were from the dying man as the demons extricated themselves from him; and he could see and feel all the evil that he had done in his life."  I asked why demons leaving, was so painful to him; since demons easily leave the human body and pain often leaves with them?  My angel answered, "The demons enjoy doing it slowly and painfully.  The demons stay on earth and the evil man goes down to hell and is destroyed.  This man did not need a trial because he belonged to the devil."

The Attack - May 1999

After I had been that forward with the demons as to send them to await God's final judgment, they tried to get me one night.

There was a north-westerly wind blowing and I had some fascia hanging down (broken) from the eves over and on the outside of my bedroom wall; it usually made some noise as it scraped against the wall.  An acquaintance was staying the night in the room next to mine and I went to bed early leaving her downstairs to watch TV.  The wind was blowing this bit of metal; but there were also other sounds. It was like there were people clumping around in heavy boots, on the metal roof.  It sounded like they were pulling off the sheets of metal and making an enormous clatter. It was very frightening because the sounds were definitely greater than the sound of the fascia scraping against the wall.  I knew the demons were trying to get at me.  (The fact was later confirmed by my angel.)

By this time I was able to smell demons (and angels), and that was all. I still did not see them or hear what they had to say.  The sounds on the roof were real, and I went around the room smelling the location of the demons and casting them out.  It was hard to move them.  I held fear down and courageously battled with the ones in my room, and also commanded the ones on the roof to move.  I had some luck in the room but others seemed to come in to take their place.

I went downstairs a couple of times to complain to my house guest about the noise but she was not in the least bit sympathetic.  I got the impression she thought I was being overly imaginative about the noise. I might have stayed downstairs but the house guest was occupying the room and she was not about to help me.  Much later when she went to bed she said the noise on the roof kept her awake.  To quote her, she said it was "a tremendous racket."

I was making every effort to command the demons in the names of God to leave my building, and roof, but they did not seem to move.  Many of the sounds I heard were unreal.  There was metal creaking as it bent, there was loud banging, heavy walking on the roof; a particular sound was the ringing sound of a shovel when it hits a hard surface.  I felt sure that in the morning the metal on the roof would be all pulled up.  Eventually, I simply asked God to help me my commanding them was useless which was probably because I was not very experienced.  My mother had a similar experience with a mysterious banging on the bedroom wall, and she got rid of it with prayer.  The other thing I did was to phone my mother and talk to her for an hour. After that, the noise was there but not as intense.  (Maybe they had divided up to frighten the occupants of both rooms.)  When I slept, God answered my prayer, and got rid of them all.  The next morning the roof was the same as it had been before the demons got onto it. There was no damage.

The Dove

A few days later, I was truly blessed.  The angels have painted a dove on the side of my building and it will protect my house so that no demons hordes can attack me like that again.  The angels do not want me to be frightened again, and indeed the knowledge that the dove is there is comforting.  My principal angel organized the painting and he drew the head.  He said that it was very hard for them to do because each angel can only do a little bit, and it took a while to get enough angels together to do it. He said that sixteen angels worked on it.  It covers almost the whole of one side of my house.  I cannot see it, but one day a customer came into my shop and asked me if I knew that I had a big bird on the side of my building.  I questioned him about it being on top of the building.  Then his wife informed him that I obviously did not know.  Then other customers came in and the people went away.

I must be one of the biggest skeptics out.  I know what I am doing in the casting out demons is right, but I am always testing to make sure that it is consistently right and logical.  I have noticed that the devil leads people along with much that is irrefutably right, and then trips them up with a very big wrong.  My guardian angel has never directed me wrongly.  He does not play games with emotions, and if I ask for information that he cannot tell me, he tells me so.

The dove on the side of my building is protecting my building.  From then onwards, no matter how many hordes of demons are teeming around outside, my house is no longer subject to a mass attack. Demons mostly come in when people or I bring them in. Others come in mostly one at a time.  They do not come in on mass as they used to when my house was on their route.

Since my house is a shop and open to the public, I cannot control what comes into the house.  I am also a follower of Jesus Christ the Son of God and, as such, I cast out demons and do my part in healing the sick, as Jesus told believers to do in Mark 16:17-18, so without proper care of my own self, I am prone to picking up demons from the sick.  This happens over the telephone as well as in person.  Even now, two years later, I am not good at protecting myself before I start on the healing system which I have outlined in chapter 1.  I have no excuse. I have to keep on cleansing myself afterwards, which is a lot more trouble than putting on the armour of God before the healing.

To continue with my learning journal.

Stupid request

I was tired of the continual kicking out of the demons so I decided to ask God to make me a vessel of God.  I objected to having demons in me all the time.  It turned out to be a bad idea because a fallen angel got to me first and decided to play God and fill me up as a vessel.

Fallen angels have aligned themselves with the devil and they have the ability to keep out of the sight of God's angels.  Hence my angel does not see them, but he can feel their presence.

Friday night journal

I had been kicking demons out, and then I had prayed asking God to make me a vessel of God. I turned out the light and lay down to sleep.  With my eyes closed, I looked to the left; I usually see blackness with odd blotches in grey usually related to what I last saw when the light was on.  This time I looked left and saw what I thought looked like a rectangular TV.  It was outlined in grey on the blackness behind, and the screen was black with grey smoky squiggles on it, rather like cigarette smoke with black and grey lines also.  Then I looked to the right of the television and I saw the grey silhouette of an angel on the black background.  It was grey with wings but its silhouette showed its head to have horns.  I believe I said: "What are you doing here?" I gave it another look to check the head, horns, and wings, and I was puzzled.  The next thing I knew was my legs were filling up, from the toes up to the top of the leg, just like my body was a flower vase filling with water.  It was a very unpleasant experience and I was saying NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! I eventually managed to say "In the name of Jesus NO!"  It seemed to stop at the top of my legs; I was confused and wondered what I had done to cause this.  I had been talking to God.

I had been asking God to fill me up and this angel with horns had arrived.  I felt that it could not have been from God because it frightened me, and my angel did say that God would not frighten me.  Later on, I recollected that I had been filled with the Holy Spirit at my confirmation in the Church, and after that I felt like I was walking on air.  This feeling of my legs being filled felt like they were heavy and full, with a pressure on the skin pushing it out.  It did not feel at all like God.

I stayed awake for a long time praying.  I was not sure at this stage that it really had not been God, since I do not know all the facets of God.  But I believed that it was not a heavenly angel as my angel is.  I had immediately been suspicious when I saw the small horns; this was a fallen angel; plus he came in darkness and he was grey.  When I was finally too tired to stay awake, I began to fall asleep, and as my head turned to my right, I smelt smoke, (odd in itself because I do not have a sense of smell, so I usually have to see smoke to know something is burning.)  Of course I was immediately awake.  My first thought was that I had smelt its breath.  This time I knew it was a fallen angel who had put the stuff in my legs, and I started to earnestly pray to be cleansed.  Eventually I put on a Billy Smith tape of Bible quotes and did fall asleep.

Later on that night, my little grandson had trouble sleeping and he got into bed with me.  He quickly fell asleep and I was semi asleep with the light on.  Soon enough the Billy Smith tape finished and suddenly my little grandson scurried towards me, still with his eyes closed saying "Birthday, Birthday, Birthday."  I managed to get him to tell me that he was saying that it smelt like birthday cake burning.  I was awake again and I spent some time praying for my grandson and myself that we be clear of all evil, and I put on the Billy Smith tape again.  I prayed for us to be cleansed and that we are protected, and eventually we both slept.

The next day my friend and I talked to my angel and he did not see anything.  He assumed the angel was from God since I seemed to get what I asked for.  He did not know what was going on and I appeared to him to be the one who was being dramatic about an interaction I had asked for.

So there I was. I was very concerned that I had been invaded by a fallen angel.  My angel did not know what I was talking about, and he supposed that since I had stopped the process at the top of my legs, then the second visit was to fill me up.  But I smelt smoke and saw the grey shape with horns, so I did not believe it to be from God.  I felt rather alone, but my friend did seem to believe me, especially since my angel did not see the demon who wore red and had big white teeth, the one who hissed that he wanted the children.

I prayed a lot in the next day or so, praying for cleansing of me and my grandson.  I did not smell it again but I had a smoky taste in my throat.  I asked for God's protection for both of us and I did feel a bit better.  The fullness of my legs had reduced to the calf downwards to my toes, but I was still vigilant about the thing coming again, and I did not get a lot of sleep.  I prayed a lot and turned on the tapes of the Bible quotes to sleep by.

On the Monday, my friend and her kids came over so that she could see what was in the house and (usefully) use the time washing her laundry.  I brought her to my house, and I went to work while she looked after the kids at home.  She looked around the house but could not see anything.  The day and evening passed and we got the children to bed.  My friend was still doing laundry so she had to stay awake, but she kept on nodding off to sleep during our conversation.  My angel put it to us that maybe something was sending her to sleep.  She was almost falling asleep again and suddenly she woke up and said she saw and smelt it go past her.  Not long before that we had walked around the whole house looking for it, but we did not see it.  In a way I felt better that now we were certain that we were dealing with something.  My angel still did not see it, but now two of us knew something was there and that it could effectively hide from my angel.  We stayed downstairs for a while talking and eventually went upstairs to deal with the problem.

I stood on the landing at the top of the stairs and looked down into the hall.  I said

"I command in the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and God the Holy Spirit that all being that Have an intimate relationship with the Devil come into the hallway at the bottom of the stairs."

Demons began to congregate in the hallway.  After I had said it a few times, my friend and my angel friend saw some smoke, and the fallen angel complete with large white wings, strolled into the hallway.  (Afterwards my friend described her first sight of him as beautiful.)  My friend stood back as I said,

"I command in the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the God the Holy Spirit that all demons, all evil entities, all being who have an intimate relationship with the Devil, and all devils, leave my building and my property, and go to that place that God has assigned you to await God's eternal judgment. You go now straight to that place that God has assigned you.  And there you will wait for God's final judgment. AMEN."

(I said it a few times and the behaviour and look of the fallen angel changed.  Apparently its teeth were sharp and it hissed at me and gnashed its teeth.) The fallen angel started heading up the stairs to get me. My friend and my angel were backed up against the wall. When I was told that he was heading up the stairs I became more determined and said "Huh! He's forgotten how big God is." I became even more determined in the knowledge that my God is all powerful; and I repeated the command again and again, the fallen angel stopped and went back down the stairs.  A few more times of telling it in the names of God and it was gone.  This time both my friend and my angel saw it, and my angel confirmed that it was a fallen angel.  It was the first fallen angel he had ever seen.

We went downstairs and discussed what had happened.  When I had been at the top of the stairs, I had searched around for the words to use so that tricky evil beings could be in no doubt that I was referring to them.  Because they are evil they are looking to hide even from their own name, they know that God knows their name. Usually I use demons, poltergeists, evil beings, but a fallen angel seems to have vanity in thinking it can trick God.  It seems to be able to trick God's angels but it also needs to hide from God.  I had to find something that the fallen angel would be afraid to deny as pertaining to him.  Hence the "intimate relationship with the devil."  Fallen angels have made an alliance with the devil, and possibly owe him allegiance.  With God's help and wisdom I did find the right words to be effective.

One thing I noticed is that evil beings hang around as white smoke.  If I notice white smoke as a stationary cloud, I command demons and evil being to leave and it usually disappears.  So some hiding is done in a smoky mist.  When the world began to go smokeless in its towns and cities the evil beings had nowhere to hide.  An environment is created for them where people smoke.  With regards to cigarette smoking, it all brings to mind the question of how much smoking is a human habit when the urge to smoke is a human urge, or is it demons urging people to smoke so they can get close to people or get into people and the demon's smoky presence is hidden in the cigarette smoke.  Are people controlling their own lives as they smoke? Or are they being controlled by demons?  The urge to smoke is definitely very strong, and the anger people feel when anyone interferes with their right to smoke often borders on fanatical.  It is definitely worth a thought.  Another friend of mine, when she was having trouble with evil in her house, consulted an Indian wise man.  He told her to placate the evil with an offering of tobacco.  She had to put it into a bowl and make it an offering.  It did not work for her but the Indian told her that demons like tobacco.

So there I was praying for cleansing.  My legs were still half full and I was worried that the effects of the fallen angel would never leave me and thereby become part of me.

I prayed for cleansing but it felt as if it knew how to hide from that prayer because it still felt the same.  I eventually asked God to change whatever was in my body from the fallen angel to goodness, kindness, justice, peace, charity, mercy, any name I could think of that described God.  But I did not feel that I was doing very well.

I next had a talk with Jesus and asked him to change the evil in my body to good; sure enough before I went to sleep a gentle feeling came inside of my body and down my legs.  It was like a gentle breeze pushing the other and changing it.  That was how God usually feels, like a gentle breeze, and I said thank you to Jesus.

My friend and my angel said I should have asked Jesus to take it away.  It did not occur to me to ask Jesus to do such an unpleasant thing for me, but I did ask last night; however by then. I believe he had changed it all to goodness.  I will ask again I don't want to be left with any of that evil in my body.  It is horrible how many beings want to get into my body.

July 16th 1999   

I went to church as usual (one Sunday) but afterwards there was this woman with her own little yard sale across the road from the church.  As I approached her, I smelt the unmistakable smell of demons (by now I can smell demons and angels but that is all I can smell.)  In fact, I should have walked on but I stopped to look at her junk.  The stench was really bad but I looked at, and bought, some plates. I carried the smelly box of plates to the car and took them home, taking them into my house.  Then I realized what I had done.

I started to command the smelly demons to leave and they still clung to me.  I phoned my friend and got her to talk to my angel and he affirmed that I had brought a lot of demons into the house.  He told me to go to my room and to bless myself then go around the house and my blessing would go with me and clear the house.  I did it but the smell persisted.  I conferred again and my angel said they did not want to leave. This time I commanded them to congregate at the bottom of the stairs and then directed them to leave in the names of God, including where to go.  They did leave.

My angel was rather upset with me for being so unwise.  He said that I knew there were demons in the goods I bought, and around the woman, yet I still bought from her.  He was absolutely right, and I have to admit I felt sorry for her having so many demons afflicting her.  I know I have to be more careful of myself.

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