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Ghosts and Demons

I only occasionally actually see ghosts but I am like most people and I know when they are present.  Many old houses have ghosts, or are visited by ghosts at some time, and I always live in old houses.  In one Regency house, built between the years of 1810-1820, I lived in the apartment where the kitchen had been, and there were a lot of ghosts visiting that place. I felt that they were nosy and liked to see all the new people in the house, but they would fade off into their own realm when they got used to me.  And that is basically how it is; ghosts of the normal kind don't bother us. 

There are of course the abnormal ghosts who insist on being unpleasant.  For me, their presence is usually felt as someone walking up behind me, not a very pleasant feeling but not terrible.  Other people who have stayed with me have not faired as well as I have.  I always felt that if ghosts became too much of a nuisance I could command them to leave because it was my house, but that authority did not work for other people.

One day I left a person in my house, she was using the computer and she was all alone.  The ghost of the house could mimic my voice, and it started to call her, mimicking my voice.  Not only did it call her name but it started insisting that she "Come over here."  She thought I had come home, although she had not heard the car, and eventually she took her eyes off the computer screen and turned around.  What she saw was a ghost laughing jeeringly at her.  She was terrified and ran to the telephone and phoned a friend to come and get her away from the house.  She was all alone in the house, and we had not come home.  That ghost was cruel to torment and frighten her.  He was a ghost, but he had set out to frighten her and he had. Quite naturally we all shrugged off the experience and the girl made sure she was never alone in the house again.

By that time I was an ardent believer in prayer, and I wrote a book containing poems about the problems in life, and included prayers that directly ask God for what we want to happen to alleviate the problem.  People so often pray sterile prayers, so I wanted them to pray dynamic prayers that really did something in the world.  After that exercise in prayer, I was ready to pray to God for any and everything.  It was good.  I needed that knowledge.

When I moved to another old house, I quickly realized that there was at least one ghost in there, and I tolerated him because that was what I was used to doing.  I would murmur "Go away" or something like that.  I spent a month renting the place before buying it so that I could decorate before moving in.  The Hydro/Electricity was not connected, so I made sure I was out of the place before it became dark.  I reckoned that once I lived there, the ghost would fade away as the others had.

I moved into the place and everything was fine.  I knew the house had problems because in the last few years it had been rented by a pedophile; a murderer; drug users and sellers of drugs.  That is like a big invitation for evil to enter the house.  However, as I have explained, I thought that evil was the absence of good so I thought that once good occupied the house, everything would be alright?  Also God is with me.  Jesus is in my heart, and I know that the only thing to fear is God and His eternal judgment.

Within a few months of moving into the house there was an enormous flood and the river flowed through my house for a week.  Then the water subsided and left my house.  I did pray a lot during the flood.  By the grace of God nothing happened to the house.  The walls were plaster so they dried out with no ill effects.  The floorboards contorted into waves but when they dried out they were flat again.  My new neighbours were wonderful and helped me to clean up and put everything right again.  And the government gave me enough money to get the basement fixed up well enough to last another 150 yrs.  It took me most of that year to sort out the house again and then my grandson came to live with me.

It can be said that if anything other than me, my grandson and my dog occupied the house, I did not know about it.

When my grandson came to live with me I reverted back to my protective mother mode, defending "my" child to the very best of my ability.

A friend came to visit along with her children and we let them play and fall asleep in the same bedroom.  This friend (like many other people) has the ability to see ghosts, demons and angels.  This could be a problem to her sanity but she is very careful to ignore them. She knew that there were evil beings in my house but did not think much about it.  That night, she went to bed, and from her bed she could see the door to the children's bedroom.  For some reason she opened her eyes to see a demon, dressed in a red cassock, coming up the stairs and it was about to enter the children's bedroom.  She was out of her bed in a flash and ran to block the doorway so the demon could not go in.  He hissed at her, "The children are mine."  She spent the next few hours telling him that they were not his and he could not go into them.  It took a while of standing and barring his way into the room, and not letting him in, but he eventually went downstairs and disappeared.  This happened a few times through the night with her racing from her bed to block his pathway into the bedroom, and then arguing with him until he went away again.

Early the next morning, she woke me and told me all about it.  I was perplexed because it was so difficult to protect our children.  I would not have seen him myself.  We could only hope that it would not happen again.

By the afternoon, she came to me and said he is sitting on the stairs, (I have two sets of stairs). I could not see him but my friend described him as tall and slim, wearing a red cassock (dress) and he had big white teeth.  When he spoke, he hissed the words out.

We settled the kids to watch a cartoon and went to the hallway at the bottom of the stairs.  How did I know what to say?  I am not aware of ever hearing anyone cast out demons.  However, I was determined to get rid of him and my secret weapon is that I know that God Almighty is bigger than anyone, and the Jesus Christ is Lord of all; so I blasted away with the big guns.

I said:  "In the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and God the Holy Spirit.  I command you to leave this building." He looked at me. I repeated.  "In the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  I command you to leave this building." Apparently this time his look was turning to hatred.  I repeated the command many times.  He started spitting at me.  He hissed obscenities.  He breathed green fumes that my friend said smelt very bad.  This time, I repeated the command and added that "I cannot see you, which is my advantage. I cannot hear you, which is my advantage. And I cannot smell you, again my advantage."  (I had not got a sense of smell at that time.)  I then repeated the command and added that he should stand up, walk down the stairs and go through the wall to outside. After a few more commands, in the names of God, that is what he did.  He was seen outside, standing by the wall for a while and then he was gone.

This was my first encounter with evil in which I had done something about it, (by the grace of God) and it stirred up a whole heap of encounters with evil.  They were not used to being moved on, and they got mad at me.

On my side, I have God Almighty, Jesus Christ the Son of God and God the Holy Spirit.  That is the might of my offence and defense against the evil ones.  I am also blessed because one of my guardian angels had taken pity on me; he was good enough to answer my questions about my early childhood (he had permission from God to talk to me) and because of his availability he was also available to answer questions in this matter of demons.  (Our guardian angels usually watch in silence, and are with us. But if we are really bad, or keep going into bad situations, they are always at liberty to go home to heaven. The angels are working for God, not us, so if we pray to God for something and it is in the power of the angel to help, they do what they can, and God does the rest.)  I really needed my guardian angel's help because I was going beyond ignoring the evil realm of the world, and it was a whole new experience for me.  I cannot hear what my angel says myself; most of the time I ask the questions and he answers; my friend hears him and relays the answer back to me.  At first my friend did not believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, but over time she has come to believe.  I tell you this because her beliefs and thoughts have never interfered with the answers my angel has given.  If she had been involved in the answers the philosophy of the answers would have changed as she changed and became more heavenly aware.  My angel's character has never changed over the time I have been aware of him, and he has never steered me wrong.

My friend went home and we continued to talk on the telephone.  I needed to know a lot more about the evil domain of Satan.  In some churches they are apt to portray Satan as "That Ol' devil" in terms indicating him to be like a naughty relative who just gets in there and messes things up, rather than evil personified.  Anything that can hiss that "The children are mine" does not have a place in my world.  My friend and I talked and my angel talked and he clarified it all a bit.  I say a bit because all the information was too much for me to understand in one go.

My angel informed me. The devil lives in the earth but he is watching and manipulating mankind wherever he can. Demons are sent by the devil to cause havoc wherever they can. They can and do go into inanimate objects and humans.  (I did not ask about animals)  They will reside in humans whether the human is good or bad.  Their mandate to create havoc is not related to the behaviour of the person before they get in them.  Satan just sends them out into the world and they do it.  Apparently Satan is not opposed to painfully destroying demons himself if they don't work.

Each town had at least one pit where these demons emanate from.  Sometimes this pit runs under a house.  The people living in that house might be affected or they might live all their lives there and feel absolutely nothing abnormal beneath them.  Unfortunately for the world, many people know nothing about God, and too many people who have been looking for the spiritual side of life in the occult, have embraced Satan as their leader.  Many of these people repent of their association with Satan, but often they have propelled even more of the forces of evil into the world before they realize what they have done. From what I can see the only chance these people have of freedom from the devil's tenacious grip is through Jesus Christ the Son of God.  Jesus vanquished the devil here on earth so he is more powerful than the devil here on earth. These people need to learn about Jesus Christ from the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  These books will not lead the novice astray.

(In Canada)  In my opinion, now that the schools are not teaching the Christian religion, the children have no powerful ethical base for their actions beyond copying their parents.  We parents have a habit of not knowing what to do with our children until we are old, and we can look back and see what we should have done.  When the schools taught religion that builds on the love of God and the behaviour of righteousness, the children did not have to go looking for the spiritual side of life in the occult.  Learning about God is a big subject; it takes years to learn and school is where children have time allocated to learning everything.

I have digressed with information, but this is how I learnt. My friend and I devised that she should come over for the Easter weekend and we would clear the whole house of demons.  It seemed like a good idea.  She could see them, and I knew that in God's name they would be cast out.

The appointed day came.  The following is a copy of my journal entries for that weekend.  I wrote it in story form because the whole thing was very strange to me at that time.

Easter 1999

I feel ambivalent about writing about such a diabolical time.  If I write about it, will it give the evil more power because I have evoked fear, and evil feeds on fear of evil, or will my experiences forewarn others of an evil that is here, and tell them where I went to find help?

Wouldn't it be nice if I was writing about something that had happened in a far off land in the eighteenth century?  Unfortunately I am writing about Easter weekend in 1999.  We are living in the 2000th year and we are supposed to be sophisticated and civilized, and officially we have relegate the belief in demons to the dark ages, before science began to give scientific reasons for nearly everything.

This Easter weekend my friend came to stay.  I had been having demon problems at my house and my friend has an ability to see demons and angels.  I have met a few people in my life with this ability however to survive they have to keep quiet about it or they would be ostracized by society.  Luckily we have Jesus on our side; he believed in demons and the devils and unclean spirits (evil ghosts), and actively cast them out.  Hence, the Church takes demons seriously.  I am sure there are many people who can see them, but I cannot.  They smell like rotting flesh, but I have not got a sense of smell, so I don't smell them and I also cannot hear them.  My friend can do all these things, but the advantage of us working together is her seeing them gives us power, and my belief in the power of God gives us power.

Enough of the preamble.  What happened?  First of all the dog was outside and barking like mad at what appeared to be nothing.  It was early in the morning of Good Friday and my friend could see demons cavorting around the barn and running amuck all over the place.  She said there were at least fifty outside my house. The dog got kicked by a demon and yelped, so my friend brought him into the house.  She remarked to me about what was going on outside, and we got on with the day.

She had promised to help me go around the house and cleanse the house of demons.  We went around the house; she sought out the demons and I commanded them saying.  "In the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and God the Holy Spirit I command you demons to leave this house."

The first time I said it, it got their attention.  They didn't like it and they hissed and cursed at me, and exuded even more foul smelling breath.  I was, of course, oblivious of this and I continued on and repeated the command over and over again. I opened the window for them and direct them out, (which turned out to be absolutely unnecessary,) or I simply told them to go through the wall.  They did not like it but they have to obey the names of God.  God Almighty is all powerful, omnipotent, omniscient, and everything bows to his name.

Our day progressed and we found demons in linen baskets, between mattresses, under the bed, a large laughing one sitting on the roof by the chimney (he wasn't jolly), and ones standing and sitting around the rooms.  At one stage, In the names of God, I commanded all the demons in the basement and both floors to congregate at the bottom of the stairs, and then I commanded them all to leave.  According to my friend there was a big crowd.

The day ended and my friend went home. (End of Journal entry.)  I will add here that Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday) is a day of religious ceremony where all the crosses are covered up in the Churches; so I suspect that the demons celebration of the death of Jesus was further facilitated by the lack of the cross to remind them of the visible victory of Jesus Christ on the cross.

It was like my house was a den for demons, or a place where demons stopped on their journey to do any evil if they could.  This house had housed drug addicts and drug pushers, and a man who is now in prison for murder, also a man who was a molester of children.  Demons had found this place to be perfect for themselves.  I had no idea that there could be so many pesky demons in one place.

Another problem we have is these demons can live in us.  We have to command them to leave in the name of God, so that our bodies and minds can truly be us and not manipulated by these other demons who try to hide from God and live their life through us.

In the early days I did not really know what I was doing.  Nor did I know the power in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God.  Jesus has defeated Satan both at the Temptation (read Matt.4:1-11) and in his sin free birth, life and then his death on the cross, and by living again after the crucifixion.  Jesus Christ the Son of God has forged a pathway to God for all mankind who turns to him.  I knew the words to say; I believed the words I said.  Yet I was aware that I knew very little about the struggle, or fight, against principalities that St Paul had described in Ephesians 6:12.

If I say I was confused, I am right.  I knew that the words I was using were effective, but it was as if the demons played stupid and insisted that I did not mean them.  They were not used to being moved on at all, and I was beginning to realize that I needed to be more accurate and inclusive in my wording of the command. In Mark 5:2-20 the unclean spirits/devils contested with Jesus about leaving their host/man, and eventually Jesus allowed them to go into the swine.  They did not leave at the sight of Jesus Christ the Son of God although they knew what he was about to do.  The devils still talked to Jesus when in verse 8 he used the words to cast them out, they would not leave.  Jesus sent them to a place in the swine and they left.  The swine had enough free will to choose to die rather than have demons live in them.             

In the name of Jesus the demons have to leave but since they are the spawn of Satan/devil/Lucifer, who is the father of liars, the demons lie to themselves that we do not mean them.  That might be why we have to repeat the casting out prayer a number of times. If demons have the audacity to argue with Jesus Christ the Son of God we can expect them to argue with us. Jesus vanquished the devil so the demons have to leave when told to do so in the victorious name of Jesus Christ the Son of God; unfortunately they are slow of understanding!

Another problem was: where were these demons going?  Ideally, they went back to the pit but what was stopping them from coming back to my house.

I went to church and was prayed over by a minister in relation to another matter.  He cast out demons and sent them to that place that God had assigned them to await God's final judgement, and I decided that there was my answer.  I would send demons there. The minister said that I would find the reference in Jude 6.

God the creator created the heavens, the earth, the angels, humans and everything. It was because of the war in heaven, which was a revolt by Lucifer and some of the other angels against God that the angel population of heaven split. Lucifer/devil/Satan lost the war. Lucifer the most prominent angel along with one third of the heavenly angels, who had fought with him against God, was banished from heaven to live in the earth.  Lucifer continues his fight against God as a campaign to control the will of mankind.  He uses his own devils or demons to fight by afflicting mankind both physically, mentally and spiritually. The devil has a manufactured force of evil made from his own God created body and the God created bodies of the other fallen angels who left heaven with him; he also manufactures demons from the souls of evil people when they die. Because the demons come from Lucifer and the angels, who were created by God (as was Adam the prototype of mankind,) they are subject to the authority of God. So, although in Jude 6 we find that God has reserved a place for all the angels who left heaven the demons, as spawn of Lucifer and the other fallen angels, go there too. They are part of the fallen angels who were created by God but revolted against God. The humans who lived life and were evil have spoilt their God given soul, and the demons that are made from their spoilt soul obey the command in the name of God Almighty or Jesus Christ the Son of God, and can be moved to an assigned place.

If the demons can find a willing host in people they will enter a person and it is because of the free will of mankind that the demon will get the person's permission to stay.  The demon goes into the person and causes pain, and the person identifies the pain as an illness that needs to be eradicated instead of demons that need to be moved out to a place to await God's final judgment. When the person identifies the illness and accepts the illness then God will not interfere with our own free will and the demons stay and cause pain and sickness.  When the demons have, by our own free will, been eradicated then we still have to pray for healing from God.   

The information from my angel is only as deep as the questions I ask.  I am sure he could have told me everything in one go but I was not able to comprehend the answers.  I was confused and basically wondered why the demons were so thick in my house.  Had I done something wrong?  The answer was no.  The demons were used to coming into my house and there were a lot of demons around all the time.

I asked again about the demon pit and he said there was one or two in every town, and they had been there for many years.  There are some in the countryside too.  The demon activity in the pits is related to the demons' success rate at creating havoc.  It is also related to the encouragement they get from humans, the sane and insane ones.  (In my opinion, everybody who encourages demon activity is insane.)  The number of demons around is also related to "Our time and their time." as it was described.  I have never figured out whether there is a logical cycle of time related to our calendar, religious or lunar.  It is for certain that if God sees demons or fallen angels they are dealt with there and then by Him.  God's judgment is final.

I found that ghosts and demons are really there and that we can take authority over them because Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit will help us. As St John said: "if that is the will of Jesus Christ the Son of God he will hear us." Casting out demons is obviously the will of Jesus Christ because he sent us out to do just that. We are supposed to heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the leper, and preach the gospel.  With Jesus in our heart we are never alone in the battle against evil.

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